Janet’s Story

Janet is the eldest of eight daughters born in our family in the 1950’s. As far back as we can recall our dear mother took care of her as we helped.  She has to be spoon fed and diapered like a small child and was unable to speak more than one or two words at a time.  When feeding time came we had to encourage her to eat and we found out rather quickly that she would eat better if we sang to her.  Most days as we were growing up we would take turns helping our mother change her diapers, bathe her and feed her three times a day,  On warm sunny days we would take her outdoors to sit in the swing or a chair where she would sometimes sit down on the ground and pick up pieces of grass and leaves and pinch them between her fingers. She liked to play with balls but was unable to play toss and catch or roll the back back to us when we would sit with her on the floor a few feet apart and roll the ball to her.  Janet was able to sit in a chair and walk a little bit (she did not walk until she was almost 4 years old) and her gait was that of a toddler but she was not able to run and play like we did.  Our mother attempted for many years patiently attempting to teach her to feed herself and toilet train her but to no avail as Janet’s mind did not develop past a 10-15 month baby . She had to be watched at all times like a toddler because she was unable to comprehend danger.  She is now a senior citizen and physically looks like an adult.

After we all grew up, got married and left the home place, our mother became her sole caretaker until our became close to retirement age and was able to stay at home and help her.  Our mother passed away close to Janet’s 54th birthday and our father who was close to eighty years old needed assistance with her daily personal care.  As most of us were working, we were unable to care for her during the daytime and so we sought help for our father.  After much research, we found individuals who did not have severe health problems.  We found out rather quickly when we were checking into acquiring a caregiver from private agencies, that it was very costly and that’s when Janet’s Care was initiated.