Drawings by

Christina R. Smith


This nonprofit organization was initiated after the recent passing of our mother.  Our mother had personally cared for our eldest sister, who is severely mentally retarded (whose mind did not develop past the approximate age of a 10-month old baby) and is unable to personally care for herself and our father who was in his 80’s and who was unable to care for her as well.


Janet’s Care’s Mission is to provide unique home care for senior adults who are mentally or physically unable to personally care for themselves and are dependent on retired senior parents who are on fixed incomes and unable to retain costly home care services. At the same time, preserving independence and providing peace of mind for their caregivers.

Janet’s Care, Inc. makes provision for the for the dependent such as:

  • bathing,
  • mobility,
  • light exercise as required by their doctor,
  • grooming,
  • incontinence care,
  • toilet and feeding,
  • oral hygene,
  • special diet and
  • meal preparation.
    **Transportation (short distances for example) to pick up medication buy groceries, barber and beauty shop appointments and doctors’ appointments,
  • Light housekeeping
  • laundry and linen washing
  • emergency monitoring system
  • respite and relief for parent or spouse
  • medication reminders
  • periodic review and communication with family.**Signed permission forms required by Janet’s Care, Inc. before any transportation is initiated by the care taker.